At the end of 2015 I made my first steps into the world of freelancing. While I’ve wrote voluntarily for a number of club programmes, fanzines and other websites, I had never been paid for doing work by well known websites until very recently.

The world of freelancing is a difficult, incredibly bloody annoying one, but one that I hope to make more strides in all the same.

Here are the sites I’ve written for:


Solving the Mystery of the Witcher 3’s Nibbles the Cat – Kotaku 

How WWE 2K17 Failed the Women’s Revolution – Kotaku

How Firewatch masterfully subverted expectations to tell its genuine human story – IBT

The Glories of Being a Teenager Addicted to Modern Warfare 2 – Playboy

The 5 Lessons Gwent has Learned from Hearthstone – Redbull

The Witcher Stars that Deserve a Gwent Card – Red Bull

Forgotten Anne Preview – CG Mag Online


What happened, Soccer AM? The slow, painful death of a Saturday morning staple – FourFourTwo

Where Did It Go Wrong For Bolton? – The Set Pieces

How Stoke and Bolton Swapped Ownerships of Premier League Places and Cold Tuesday Nights – The Football Pink

Scout Report: Rob Holding –

The Sad Yet Inspiring Story of Stuart Holden – These Football Times


Club Boss: ‘Help me Save Lives’ – The Sheffield Star

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