God is a Geek

After football, my second love (not including people, obvs) is video games, and I write EY3ZVTH__400x400about them for godisageek.com. God is a Geek is an independent video game website that is ran by a group of amazing people who all do it for their love of the medium, and are just as good as anyone else in the industry.

I joined in February 2015, and in just over a year at the site I feel as if I’ve improved as a writer, and media person (?), massively. I write with my own voice a lot more, becoming personable, and have learned how to explain the mechanics of a game, or anything, to readers in a concise manner. I’ve also become a lot more comfortable and confident on the microphone, be it podcasting or interviewing people.

I’m a Staff Writer at GiaG and my duties include: news summaries, game previews, interviews, game reviews, interesting and unique features, appearing on videos and featuring on the weekly God is a Geek Podcast.

You can check out some of my favourite pieces of work below:


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You can find the rest of my work for the site by clicking here.