Dan is an established and confident podcaster, who has stared and edited several different shows.

They are:

The Football Huddle

A football podcast in which Dan and two fellas with wonderful Irish accents, Colm Ahern and Andrew Knowles, discuss 9hZygkwi_400x400near-on everything worth discussing in the footballing world in a given week. A detailed analysis of every Premier League game is followed by a Championship round-up and a Bulletin of European football before the show is ended with Joey Barton’s Banterific Babnterman Bonanza in which the trio present the funniest stories of the week and finally Win, Lose or Draw where the lads show how hopeless they are at predicting football matches. All the while random digressions of humorous tales are inserted throughout.

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The Lion of Vienna Suite Podcast

The LOVpod is the one and only (so literally the best) podcast dedicated to discussing the -jdvTjoQpitiful world of Bolton Wanderers. Once a week a selection of three or four writers of the site will come together to debate and laugh about the issues surrounding the club that week. It usually goes something like this: 1) discussion of Bolton matches (losses) that week 2) talk about all the Bolton news, usually very bad, that’s occurred that week 3) special topic and preview of the upcoming game 4) The fun part of the show, where they either ask listeners a question and read out their answers or play games like ‘Guess Who?’ and the ‘League One Quiz’. The LOVpod has also been known to have special guests on from time-to-time. Dan edits the podcast every week.

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The God is a Geek Podcast

Dan also regularly features on the GiaG Podcast, in which he and four other lovely people EY3ZVTH__400x400will chat about video games for an hour. Be that the games we’re playing, the games we’re excited for or gaming news/controversies. Well, they do once they’ve finished going off on wild tangents and making rather crude jokes. The GiaG podcast has also had some very special and exciting guests, with game developers and gaming personalities often joining the gang to offer their unique insights into the industry.

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Geek of Thrones

The latest of Dan’s podcast ventures is ‘Geek of Thrones’, God is a Geek’s podcast covering  the incredible Game of Thrones. Who’d have guessed? Dan and follow Geeker Chris White get together every week (during a season) to discuss geekofthrones_720all that’s happened in the latest episode of Thrones. They chat about every thrilling moment in detail, speculate as to what is to come and no doubt scream in anguish at the most unexpected of deaths.

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An offshoot from the Lion of Vienna Suite Podcast, LOVPODAMANIA is a wrestling podcast which previews and reviews all the big WWE PPVS. Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 09.28.06.png